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Heat Exchangers

Steefane Ltd is a recognised authority on the supply of all types of Refrigerant Heat Exchangers including

Plate Heat Exchangers. Plate Heat exchangers are available as brazed and gasketed versions.Brazed copper plate is used on commercial fluids down to -80 C.These can also be provided with nickel brazing for use on aggressive fluids such as Ammonia.Gasketed plate heat exchangers can be used for a variety of liquid-liquid applications, using exotic materials according to application. Examples include glycol to water, sea water to fresh water and closed circuit cooling.

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Shell and tube heat exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchangers. Steefane Ltd offers a complete range of Shell and Tube products in Carbon Steel and copper tube with inner fin extended surface areas. These can be provided in 316 stainless steel for cooling de-ionized waters and other more aggressive fluids.

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Coaxial Evaporators. These are provided in Carbon Steel and 304 stainless steel typically used for cooling water and other fluids. They can be used with most common refrigerants, and are also suitable for heat pump applications. Suction liquid heat exchangers are also supplied for commercial and industrial uses in 0.5inch through to 6inch suction sizes.

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